Eyedro Energy Monitoring Solutions

Eyedro Energy Monitoring Solutions

Energy Monitoring Solutions for Home and Business

  • Eyedro Energy Monitors for residential and business/commercial applications.

  • Real-time data is available at your fingertips via the MyEyedro cloud based software.

  • MyEyedro access is included with your Eyedro hardware purchase with NO SUBSCRIPTION fee!

Eyedro Home Feature Comparison

Eyedro Home Feature Comparison

Select the Eyedro Home Electricity Monitoring System that has the features that matter most to you!

All Eyedro residential LV series and EYEFI products are compatible with ESCLV series current sensors from 5A – 200A.

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Eyedro home feature comparison chart
Eyedro Home Electricity Monitors – Feature Comparison

All Eyedro residential LV series and EYEFI products are compatible with ESCLV series current sensors from 5A – 200A.

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Food Processing – Brewing: Eyedro Case Study

Food Processing – Brewing: Eyedro Case Study

Food Processing – Brewing – EYEDRO Case Study:

Monitoring Energy to Save Money on Operations

eyedro testimonial

  • Located in San Luis Obispo, California
  • 14,000 square feet of Retail and Production
  • $10 – $15 saved per day on Energy Budget
  • Heater monitors for bill reconciliation

Excessive power usage with their inline water heater used in brewing, Operations could not tell how much power through the generic reports from PG&E Power.


Using the Eyedro device for simple cloud visibility to uncover the power spending about $4 on power per brew. With a 7 day a week operation it led to a savings of $2920/year.

The ROI:

The Eyedro Green Solutions ™ Energy Monitoring System was installed for only $350. With an annual savings of nearly $3000, payback was achieved in under 6 weeks.

The brewery can now monitor all types of Energy in one simple dashboard while at the same time compare readings with the Utility bills.

More information on Eyedro Business Electricity Monitoring systems.

A screenshot of a cell phone Description generated with very high confidence

Net Zero Home – Eyedro EYEFI Electricity Monitoring

Net Zero Home – Eyedro EYEFI Electricity Monitoring

EYEFI – Electricity Monitoring for the NET ZERO Home


  • Power Consumed vs. Power Generated 

  • Real-Time Data

  • Configurable reports

eyedro eyefi-4 wifi

*EYEFI-4 Model shown, Installs in minutes


Benefits of monitoring with Eyedro?

  • True Power measurement
  • Commercial, industrial, institutional and residential
  • Measure and Display PF, Voltage, Current, Power
  • Track Money generated with Solar panels
  • Get Alerts when system is off-line

Eyedro Net Metering Example:


Product Features:

Responsive web interface – (MyEyedro.com) on any modern browser

Live and Summary view – See power usage and cost streaming in real-time

Bill view – See estimate of electrical bill for current and historical billing periods for any day of the month

Sensor options – 5Amp – 3000Amp


Managed Services include:

Manage multiple systems – Add any number of devices to your account.

Manage multiple sites – Add a number of buildings to your account and assign devices to any sites.

Reports – Have configurable reports delivered directly to your inbox at configurable intervals.

Alerts – Be notified of power or network failures, if demand or consumption exceeds thresholds (above or below), and more.

Custom web interfaces – Have your company Branded on the web interfaces and custom URLs are available.

API– Integrate measurement data into your own Dashboard with our Application Programming Interface

Export – Data can be exported from any point in time into CSV for further analysis


See how easy it is to get up and running with EYEFI with this short Eyedro WiFi connection video

120V /60Hz and 230V/ 50Hz EYEFI models available – shop now!




Introducing the Solar Ready Eyedro WiFi

Introducing the Solar Ready Eyedro WiFi

Introducing the Solar Ready Eyedro WiFi


Eyedro WiFi is Here and Includes Several New Features!

New WiFi Models:

  • EYEFI-2 for Home – Solar Ready – 2 sensors (available Now)
  • EYEFI-4 for Home – Solar Ready – 4 sensors (available December 2018)
  • EYEFI-3 for Business – 3-Phase – 3 sensors (available January 2019)

EYEFI Features:

  • Connect via WIFI (no ethernet cable)
  • SOLAR READY: directional sensors for solar/net metering
  • Measures Wh, $, A, V, PF, W (true power)
  • Local web server: use with or without MyEyedro cloud service
  • Programmers: read data directly from hardware
  • Data Logger mode for energy auditors (coming soon)
  • Fully compatible with MyEyedro user interface
  • Same easy installation

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Example of EYEFI-2 on a home with in floor heating and solar panels:

Eyedro EYEFI live data sample

Eyedro EYEFI Live data Sample

Introducing the new Eyedro EYEFI-3 WiFi connected electricity monitor for 3-phase! Dismiss