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Environmental Stewardship with Eyedro: Earth Day 2017

Because Earth Day is every day, your energy reduction efforts should be an everyday, ongoing activity. Eyedro real-time electricity monitoring can help raise awareness of electricity usage at home and at work. Access the MyEyedro cloud software on your computer or mobile device from anywhere you happen to be in the world.

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Eyedro Monitors Calgary’s First Net-Zero Energy Home

Net-Zero Energy homes are energy efficient residences that generate as much energy as they consume on an annual basis. Mattamy’s 1658 square foot home features advanced insulation (the Owens Corning™ CodeBord® Air Barrier System); Plygem triple-pane windows; Mitsubishi Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pump; Rheem High Efficiency Domestic Hot Water Heater, Eyedro real-time energy monitoring system; and 40 SolarMax photovoltaic panels.

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