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The Portfolio plugin displays at-a-glance summaries, including Daily Average, Peak Demand, and Daily Maximum details for all Display Groups associated with a specified Site. This plugin requires multiple Devices or Display Groups.

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  Field How It’s Used


Data Area Displays a summary table of total, average, and maximum electrical consumption (kWh), as well as peak and current instantaneous electrical demand (kW) for the 30 days up to, and including, the specified date.

Sorting of the data can be done by clicking on any of the column headings to sort in ascending and descending order as preferred. By default, this list is sorted alphabetically by Display Group name.


Graph Area Displays graphical representations of the values shown in the Data Area. Contents of the graph area can be toggled between Total Consumption, Daily Average Consumption, Daily Maximum Consumption, Peak Demand, or Current Demand by clicking on the appropriate tabs.


Date Selector Choose the end date for which to display data. By default this will be set to the current date.


List of Sites Choose which Site for which data should be displayed.
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