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Preferences Tab Click on the Preferences tab to modify user-specific settings.


Units of Measure Choice of Celsius or Fahrenheit for weather data.


Correspondence If “Send me MyEyedro News” is checked, you will occasionally be sent email from MyEyedro.

If “Send me MyEyedro Weekly Reports” is checked, you will automatically receive weekly summary reports for all Display Groups associated with your user account.


General If “Use Dark Chart Theme” is checked, all charts in the MyEyedro client will have a dark background. If unchecked, all charts will have a white background (useful for printing).


Available Plugins Checked Plugins will be displayed in the Plugins Menu. By default, all Plugins are enabled. Details on available Plugins are provided in Appendix A.


Weather When “Show Weather if Available” is checked, current weather information will be displayed if a valid Zip or Postal code has been specified in Site Info under Site Settings.


Weather Information Overlay of weather information, if available and enabled.
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