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Survey Tab Click on the Survey tab to access, edit, and add information gathered during a Site survey. Users can store the following kinds of information on MyEyedro:

  • General: number of buildings/electrical grid information, miscellaneous comments, and images
  • Buildings: building name, type, age
  • Solar Arrays: array name, role, number of panels, power rating, surface area
  • Storage Banks: bank name, role, capacity, storage type, voltage
  • Generators: generator name, role, capacity, model, fuel type


Misc. Images Images of Sites (must be 400x400 pixels) can be uploaded for reference and to more easily identify multiple Sites. Images uploaded here will also be visible in the General tab.


Export Survey A completed building survey can be exported as a CSV (Comma-Separated Values) file.


Reset Survey If required, the entire Site survey can be reset and all currently saved data will be deleted.
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