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MyEyedro Actionable Insights

MyEyedro is Eyedro’s cloud platform that allows you to access your energy data from anywhere.  MyEyedro is equipped with a full suite of tools to help you monitor your electricity data and take action to reduce consumption.  View your energy usage in real time, enter your rates information, view current and historical bills, see your usage summary, view and share reports, track your solar generation vs. consumption and more!

MyEyedro cloud software helps you gain a better understanding of how and when you are using energy, so you can make adjustments and trim your utility bill.  Track, React, Save!

View your monthly bills data in the MyEyedro Bills plugin.  Sync your bills with your rate settings.  Click on a month in the Billing History chart to view historical bills information.

View your grid consumption as well as your solar generation plus your net usage in the MyEyedro Net Meter plugin.  MyEyedro will help you get the most from your investment in solar.

Monitor individual appliances with multiple sensors.  View live demand data in the MyEyedro Demand plugin.

MyEyedro Highlights plugin displays your instantaneous usage plus historical data.  Check projected daily usage as well as current minimum and maximum demand.