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MyEyedro now works with your Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is designed around your voice. It’s always on – just ask for information, music, news, weather, and now even ask it for your electricity consumption!

Getting started is simple!

Step 1... Link with your MyEyedro account

Enable the MyEyedro skill on your Amazon Echo and you will be directed to link to your existing MyEyedro user account.
MyEyedro Echo Link

Step 2... Ask for your electricity info

Once your Amazon Echo is successfully linked to your MyEyedro user account, you will receive responses for your electricity queries.

Alexa, ask MyEyedro for today’s highlights

Highlights contain the current demand and most recent change for each display group associated with your user account.

Electricity Usage

Alexa, ask MyEyedro for my usage

The response contains the current electricity demand (in Watts). Use this to determine how much electricity you are currently using.

Recent Change

Alexa, ask MyEyedro for the most recent change

The response contains the most recent change in electricity demand (in Watts). Use this to determine the electricity demand of the last appliance that turned on/off.

Bill Estimate

Alexa, ask MyEyedro for my bill estimate

The response contains the cost estimate of the current billing period.

This command requires that the rate profile has been properly defined in your MyEyedro user account. This is an estimate for information purposes only. Your actual bill will be provided by your electric utility.


Alexa, ask MyEyedro for help

will result in a response containing help.

More to come
If you would like to see additional functionality, please reach out to us using the feedback form at the bottom of this page.

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Send us your feedback

As a valued customer of Eyedro, your feedback matters to us. If you have any comments regarding your experience with MyEyedro and Amazon Echo or if you have a great idea or suggestion about a feature you would like to see in a future release, please share it with us. We can’t guarantee that every feature requested will make it into a release but we will review every suggestion.

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