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Maximize Your Crypto Mining Profitability

Maximize Your Crypto Mining Profitability

Maximize Your Crypto Mining Profitability

Cryptocurrency coins on computer

Energy Monitoring Made Easy


So, You Mine Cryptocurrency…

You’re a part of a very exclusive group of people. It’s estimated that just over 100 million people are holders of crypto, with 1 million of them being miners. That puts you in a group of individuals that amounts to 0.0001% of the earth’s population. If you don’t mine cryptocurrency and would like to know why someone would even bother being a part of something so new and theoretical, I can tell you why – it’s profitable!

How is Cryptocurrency Mining Profitable?

To answer that, let me explain what crypto currency mining is. Unlike Fiat currency (government issued cash), cryptocurrencies are decentralized and use blockchain technology; this means you don’t have to go through a bank to send money, and makes it impossible to hack or cheat transactions. In order for this to work, someone needs to verify the transaction and record its occurrence. To make these transactions a part of the blockchain, multiple computers race to solve a very complex math equation involved in verifying the legitimacy of the transaction. The process of competing to solve the equation first prevents any one entity or bank from monopolizing a crypto network. The computer to verify the transaction is rewarded with cryptocurrency, often Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and many other coins. In short, your computer will do math work for a network, and if successful, you’ll be rewarded with money. As more computers battle to solve the equation first, the more difficult the equation becomes, preventing monopolization of a network. Unfortunately, as the difficulty increases, so does the need to have better, faster equipment capable of processing the information it’s trying to solve. This equipment often involves owning multiple graphics cards (GPU), or ASIC miners, which are not cheap to buy, and use a lot of electricity. This is where the profitability comes into play.

Electricity costs can eat away at your profits, but even worse, not knowing how much power your rigs are using can be detrimental to your whole operation.


How Can I Track and Log My Power Usage?

Purchasing and installing an Eyedro monitoring system is your first step to maximizing your profits.

Below is an example of my 9 gpu rig. I installed an Eyedro device using an inline power splitter. Looking at my MyEyedro data, I could see that my rig had a drop in power usage, which could only mean one thing; I was losing money! After seeing this visualization of money loss, I tried to solve my issue immediately; I was having vram overheating issues. I wouldn’t have realized this without having my energy monitor connected.

Maximize your crypto mining profitability

Keep Track of Peak Energy Costs and Monthly Bills

Monthly utility bills data including monthly and daily totals can be viewed in the MyEyedro Bills plugin.  Billing History allows you to view a year’s worth of monthly totals at a glance. You’ll be better able to determine your overall crypto mining profitability using these MyEyedro tools.

Monthly Electricity Bills Data in MyEyedro

Enter your utility rates to keep track of daily peak energy costs such as in the time-of-use rate configuration below.  

Time-of-use rates in MyEyedro

Monitor Your Rigs

If you’re a crypto miner and want to maximize your profits, make sure you get an energy monitor connected to your rigs right away. Your hardware could be having issues you don’t know about, and that means you’re wasting money. Why would you want to waste money?

– Darren Morrison

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Why a Homeowner Should Monitor Their Electricity Usage

Why a Homeowner Should Monitor Their Electricity Usage

Why a Homeowner Should Monitor Their Electricity Usage

Some benefits of monitoring your electricity usage:

Electricity bills are a significant part of any household’s monthly expenses, but people make little to no effort to manage them. This is because it is thought of as an entity that just can’t be managed. However, this isn’t true.

You can monitor your electricity usage and manage it. In fact, over a longer period it will be beneficial for you.

Consumption Awareness

When you install an Eyedro energy monitor in your home, you will become more aware of how you are consuming electricity.

Keep an eye on your data wherever you are with Eyedro’s full featured MyEyedro cloud software.

In this way, you can keep track of your daily consumption to better understand your expenses.  You’ll also get an understanding of which of your appliances and devices consume the most energy.

Energy-Efficient Alternatives

Once you have your daily numbers, you can begin to gauge how much usage is necessary. Based on that, you can plan and keep the usage of certain pieces of equipment to a minimum.  For example, you may want to run large energy consumers like dryers and ovens during off-peak hours if you are charged time-of-use energy rates.

You’ll also know which devices are consuming way more electricity than they should. This can help you switch to better options that are more energy efficient. As a result, you’ll save a significant amount of money.

Eco-friendly Habits

When you minimize your electricity consumption and switch to energy-saving options, you automatically become more mindful of your environment. You can reduce your carbon footprint and create an eco-friendly energy consumption pattern for your home.


Energy consumption monitors are seen as an additional expense in any household. People think about how much money will be spent buying and maintaining one and thus choose not to purchase it.  Good news! Once your Eyedro is installed it is virtually maintenance free.

However, what they don’t realize is how much money can be saved with an energy monitor. It significantly brings down your monthly electricity bill.

Besides helping you save money, energy monitors bring a significant change to your mindset. You learn to save energy, understand the effect your equipment has on the environment, and curb its usage. In the end, these things make you follow a more mindful and healthier lifestyle.

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Shocked by Your Energy Bill? Reduce it With an Eyedro Home Energy Monitor

Shocked by Your Energy Bill? Reduce it With an Eyedro Home Energy Monitor

Eyedro Home Energy Monitors  


Energy Monitoring is like watching your weight if you don’t track what you eat on a daily basis and see how on paper how much you’re taking in you can’t cut your weight or in this case cut down on your energy bill. The Easiest way to start saving is with an Eyedro Home Energy Monitor. 


An Eyedro Home Energy Monitor is your best option to help you identify what is wasting the most energy in your home.  The Eyedro EHEM1-LV is the economical solution that will allow you to make practical, data-driven changes that will help you cut down on your energy usage. 


MyEyedro Compare Plugin

MyEyedro Compare Plugin



  • Easy Installation
  • The EHEM1-LV can Identify Power Hogs 
  • Compare your home energy usage with previous months to see how much you’re actually saving
  • Real Time Energy Data – instantly see when you turn a light or appliance on or off
  • Free Monitoring with MyEyedro cloud Software

 Within a few months of saving energy, you’ll see that your Eyedro will have paid for itself and you’ll be helping the environment as well! 


Eyedro Energy Monitor EYEDRO-HOME

Eyedro Home Energy Monitor EYEDRO-HOME


An Ethernet Connected Home Energy Monitor that is easy to install. Once connected to MyEyedro to provide you with a better sense of your energy usage so you can start to save money right away.  MyEyedro cloud software is included with no subscription fee.  The EHEM1-LV includes a Module, Two  Current Sensors, a 10ft Ethernet Cable, and a 120V North American Power Adapter.


The Eyedro EHEM1-LV, your economical solution to shocking energy bills!


All Eyedro products meet North American Safety Standards and are helping to create a greener energy environment. For more information on the rest of our product line Click Here.

CEC Title 24 – Adding PV and the NETZERO BUILDER

CEC Title 24 – Adding PV and the NETZERO BUILDER

CEC Title 24 – Adding PV and the NETZERO BUILDER


California Energy Commission Title 24



EYEFI-4 model shown – installs in under 10 minutes!

Eyedro EYEFI-4 solar ready energy monitor

Benefits of monitoring with Eyedro?


  • Easy to use Installer’s App – keeps it simple

  • Commercial, Institutional and Residential models

  • Measure and Display PF, Voltage, Current, Power

  • Track kW generated with Solar panels (Tier 1)

  • Identify major loads and base load

  • Get Alerts when system is off-line

  • Software is always included – no monthly fees


Eyedro Net Metering Example:

MyEyedro Net Meter View



MyEyedro Live Demand View


Product Features:


Real-Time web interface – ( on any modern browser, incl

Live and Summary view – See power usage and cost streaming in real-time

Bill view – See estimate of electrical bill for current and historical billing periods for any day of the month

Sensor options – 5Amp – 3000Amp, +/- 1%


Managed Services include:


Manage multiple systems – Add any number of devices to your account.

Manage multiple sites – Add a number of buildings to your account and assign devices to any sites.

Reports – Have configurable reports delivered directly to your inbox at configurable intervals.

Alerts – Be notified of power or network failures, if demand or consumption exceeds thresholds (above or below), and more.

Custom web interfaces – Have your company Branded on the web interfaces and custom URLs are available.

API – Integrate measurement data into your own Dashboard with our Application Programming Interface

Export – Data can be exported from any point in time into CSV for further analysis

120V / 60Hz and 230V / 50Hz models available



Eyedro Energy Monitoring Solutions

Eyedro Energy Monitoring Solutions

Energy Monitoring Solutions for Home and Business

  • Eyedro Energy Monitors for residential and business/commercial applications.

  • Real-time data is available at your fingertips via the MyEyedro cloud based software.

  • MyEyedro access is included with your Eyedro hardware purchase with NO SUBSCRIPTION fee!

How to Export to Excel from MyEyedro

How to Export to Excel from MyEyedro

export to excel csv from myeyedro

Your Energy Data – How to Export to Excel


Did you know? It is possible to easily export to Excel by following 3 easy steps:

After logging into MyEyedro:

  1. Click on the Gear (top right) → Click on Devices. Under DETAILS FOR: Home (or desired Display Group) → Click on Export.
  2. Simply choose the timeline of data you want (preselected or by date range), your data-type e.g. Daily and then → Click on Export.
  3. A CSV File will be created, and you will be able to view your data in a spreadsheet.

export myeyedro data to excel

Export your data to Excel

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