How I Lowered My Electric Bill (Almost) Instantly

How I Lowered My Electric Bill (Almost) Instantly

I, like most Ontarians (and Hydro users everywhere) have become more than a little bit disgruntled with the sharply rising cost of electricity.  Every month we wait in trepidation for the arrival of the dreaded electric bill.

With the goal of energy reduction in mind, I decided to install an Eyedro Real-Time Electricity Monitor in a secondary breaker panel that powers my living room lights, outlets, and my desktop computer.

As a new Eyedro Electricity Monitoring Systems user I was shocked to discover how much electricity was being consumed by the gadgets in my home even when they weren’t actively in use.

Since the MyEyedro cloud based software offers real-time electricity monitoring, I was able to determine through experimentation (flicking switches, powering down appliances, turning breakers off and on) which of my devices was using the most power.  It quickly became obvious who the main culprit was – the tower computer that lurks in the shadows under my desk, fans humming away night and day, red LEDs glaring defiantly, and using twice the electricity of anything else that I was monitoring with my Eyedro system!

For more on computer energy consumption here’s a great article from – PSA: Don’t Shut Down Your Computer, Just Use Sleep (or Hibernation)

By making a few relatively painless adjustments, (and sending out gentle reminders to recalcitrant participants – I can see how much hydro you’re using even when I’m not home!) I have been able to almost immediately realize an overall cost savings of roughly 60% on the power usage that I am tracking with my Eyedro electricity monitoring system.

As the following graphs beautifully illustrate in both kWh consumption and dollar values, with Eyedro it really is possible to Keep an Eye on Your Hydro!

Eyedro Real-Time Electricity Monitoring

Eyedro Home Electricity Monitor: Daily Consumption in kWh


MyEyedro Cost Savings Summary

Eyedro Home Electricity Monitor: Daily Cost Savings 

How to Add MyEyedro to Your Smartphone’s Home Screen

How to Add MyEyedro to Your Smartphone’s Home Screen

If you’re like everyone else who owns a mobile device, you’re probably using it a whole lot more than you used to. And why not? Smartphones can do nearly as much as your favorite PC, but without the tether that usually goes along-side a traditional desktop. Maybe you’re responding to work emails, reading today’s news, texting friends and family about dinner plans, or (more often than not) fulfilling that insatiable Netflix addiction.

But did you know that you can also catch up on your home’s electricity use from your smartphone? Lots of our customers enjoy checking MyEyedro from their mobile browsers, but there’s an even easier way to keep an eye on your electricity use while you’re on the go.

Here are a few simple instructions on how to add MyEyedro to your smartphone’s Home Screen.

 Step 1: Open Safari and visit If the mobile version doesn’t automatically display, click “Try our mobile friendly version.” When you get to the mobile friendly version, click the symbol that looks like a square with an arrow coming out of it (let’s just call it: “doodad”).

How to Add MyEyedro to your Home Screen

  Step 2: Tap “Add to Home Screen”. Feel free to rename your link as you see fit, and then tap “Add”.


  Step 3: That was easy wasn’t it? You should now see the MyEyedro “app” located on your Home Screen. Tap the icon to enter MyEyedro and proceed to login. Remember to tap the green arrow if you would like the app to remember your login information for next time.


Step 4: Go somewhere, anywhere. Have a cocktail. You’re free to check your electricity from anywhere. Now you just have to remember your phone.


Not using an iPhone? No sweat, here’s how to add MyEyedro to the Home Screen on any smartphone or tablet.

A Better Way to Understand Your Home’s Electricity

A Better Way to Understand Your Home’s Electricity

If you’re like us, you know how important electricity monitoring can be when trying to meet energy cost and consumption goals.  Traditionally, homes aren’t equipped with a way for you to see how much electricity is being used. But with the increasing popularity of connected home devices, it’s never been easier to feel at home while away from the house.

With learning thermostats, like Nest, you know that your living room is a cozy 73°F (23°C). And with video monitoring, like DropCam, you know your Golden Retriever is asleep on the couch, instead of munching on it. Now, with electricity monitors like Eyedro, you know your home consumed 20.14 kilowatt hours of electricity today.

How much electricity is my home using?Making Electricity Usage Easy to Understand

But unlike temperature, the kilowatt hour isn’t a measurement we use every day. Unless you work closely with electricity or have a knack for the subject, the average homeowner might only consider wattage when picking out light bulbs. Since we are less familiar with using kilowatt hours, electricity consumption can be more difficult to understand than things like fuel economy. (Stay tuned for a brief tutorial on kilowatt hours, coming up in January ;))

Introducing the MyEyedro Insights Plugin

While Eyedro always provides your electricity consumption in terms of cost, we wanted to give you a way to put energy into terms we all use every day.  This is exactly why we created the MyEyedro Insights plugin.

This handy tool helps you put your electricity use into terms you Insights-Gasolinealready know and love. The values are based on the amount of energy produced (or required) for the given unit. So if you’re interested in how much gasoline you would have needed to power your home yesterday, we have that.

Or maybe you want to measure your environmental footprint. With the Insights plugin you can see how many kilograms of coal you would have used. Maybe you’d like to see how many slices of bread you could have toasted. We have that too.

9 Different MyEyedro Insights Views to Choose From

The MyEyedro Insights plugin helps put energy into context, giving you the power to make more informed energy management decisions in the home.

 Interested in keeping an eye on your home’s electricity?


 Get Started with the New Insights Plugin

At Eyedro, our top priority is making sure that your experience is legendary, so we wanted to take a moment to let you know about some exciting changes.

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