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How Much Money Am I Actually Saving With My Solar Panels?

How Much Money Am I Actually Saving With My Solar Panels?

How Much Money Am I Actually Saving With My Solar Panels?


  • What are my solar savings?

Solar energy monitoring systems usually operate through their own proprietary software provided by the inverter manufacturer, and that is a very effective way of knowing how much energy you are producing – but that’s usually where the information ends. Companies and homeowners then need to wait 30 to 60 days for their utility company to send them a statement of how much is either owed or credited.


Now you have your statement and are scratching your head wondering – is this correct?



How much money is my solar saving me?

How much money is my solar saving me?


  • Did you receive your full Return on Investment?
  • What if you had issues with your setup?

It is now far too late to make any changes to maximize your solar energy – also known as your money.

The EYEDRO-HOME system monitors your solar generation or your consumption.  With a second EYEDRO-HOME system, you can monitor solar generation, grid consumption, and net consumption.  This NET METERING is the key to understanding your electrical ecosystem and how to maximize your return. Homeowners and Business owners alike can access this information in several ways, including through mobile phones, tablets, and computers.

  • What happens when your internet goes down for a couple of days due to a storm?
  • What if your ISP has an unexplained outage?

The Eyedro solar energy monitor has Store and Forward for up to X days, in real-time. This means that when the internet goes down, your monitoring capabilities do not.

Aside from displaying energy consumption and generation data, the MyEyedro cloud software offers many tools to help you understand your solar energy setup. You can also track historical data from your system and set up reports to be automatically emailed to you.

The MyEyedro cloud-based software allows as many users as you want to access the info and if you ever need to expand your system to monitor key loads such as air conditioners, EV chargers, swimming pool equipment, etc., the system is fully expandable.


To get some insight on the best option to power your home:


Wind vs Solar Energy: Differences in Running a House and Supplying Energy


For more information on renewable energy:


Renewable Energy and How We Can Utilise It


For more information on monitoring solar with the Eyedro Solar and Energy monitors, check out the following video and articles:


MyEyedro Net Meter Plugin video tutorial


Net Zero Home – Eyedro EYEFI Electricity Monitoring


Customer Experience: Energy Monitoring With the Solar-Ready EYEFI-4


MyEyedro Net Meter Plugin

Power Monitoring Off-Grid

Power Monitoring Off-Grid

Power Monitoring Off-Grid – Eyedro Review

Energy Monitoring Made Easy

Follow along with Kirk of the The Forever Homestead as he discusses the challenges of living off-grid in a cold climate, the need to carefully monitor power consumption vs. solar generation and how he is using the Eyedro EYEFI-4 solar energy monitor to make that an easier task!

“Monitoring power while off grid is important for many reasons including battery health. In this video we give our feedback on a device from Eyedro Green Solutions.”



“My honest review is – it’s pretty spectacular!”

Eyedro EYEFI-4:


  • Easy to install
  • Solar ready
  • Real-time data
  • Free monitoring via
  • Four (4) 200A sensors included, perfect for monitoring mains power plus solar generation
  • Compatible with Eyedro 5A – 200A current sensors
  • Connects via WiFi
Appliance Monitoring MyEyedro Consumption
Appliance Monitoring Demand Plugin

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Shop Now

MyEyedro Net Meter Plugin

MyEyedro Net Meter Plugin

MyEyedro Net Meter Plugin

Eyedro electricity monitors for home and business provide simple solutions for monitoring your electricity usage in real-time.  See your generation and consumption in one simple dashboard.


  • Real-time intelligence

  • Optimized for Solar and MicroGrids

  • Measures Voltage, Power Factor and kWs

  • MyEyedro Cloud Service included with NO extra monthly fees

  • CT sensor options from 5 amps to 3000 amps

Join thousands of customers already using Eyedro to track their electricity!


MyEyedro Net Meter plugin

MyEyedro Net Meter plugin

Introducing the Solar Ready Eyedro WiFi

Introducing the Solar Ready Eyedro WiFi

Introducing the Solar Ready Eyedro WiFi


Eyedro WiFi is Here and Includes Several New Features!

New WiFi Models:

  • EYEFI-2 for Home – Solar Ready – 2 sensors (available Now)
  • EYEFI-4 for Home – Solar Ready – 4 sensors (available December 2018)
  • EYEFI-3 for Business – 3-Phase – 3 sensors (available January 2019)

EYEFI Features:

  • Connect via WIFI (no ethernet cable)
  • SOLAR READY: directional sensors for solar/net metering
  • Measures Wh, $, A, V, PF, W (true power)
  • Local web server: use with or without MyEyedro cloud service
  • Programmers: read data directly from hardware
  • Data Logger mode for energy auditors (coming soon)
  • Fully compatible with MyEyedro user interface
  • Same easy installation

Shop for Eyedro EYEFI Now!

Example of EYEFI-2 on a home with in floor heating and solar panels:

Eyedro EYEFI live data sample

Eyedro EYEFI Live data Sample