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Contact Support

Contact support for specific technical questions related to Eyedro products and MyEyedro cloud services.

Help us help you!

To avoid delays when contacting support please provide as much information as possible



Ensure all device(s) are plugged in and connected to the internet so we can investigate. If the reason you are reaching out to support is the internet connection, please review the appropriate sections of the product guide and installation FAQ before contacting support.

For Eyedro product support

please provide:
  • Reason for contact
  • Eyedro product model(s)
  • Eyedro product serial number(s)

For MyEyedro cloud service support

please provide:
  • Reason for contact
  • MyEyedro user account name/email
  • If problem, detailed instructions to reproduce
  • Internet browser – e.g. Chrome v32

Before you contact us

Be sure to check out our online resources for answers to your questions:

We strive to answer all questions by next business day.