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MyEyedro cloud platform

Electricity Monitoring - for FREE


All Eyedro electricity monitors are designed to use the FREE electricity monitoring cloud service right out of the box. Just connect Eyedro to the internet and it instantly starts logging your electricity data to MyEyedro with zero additional cost to you!

  • MyEyedro Standard is included for free with all Eyedro Energy Monitors
  • MyEyedro Premium is a free upgrade with the purchase of an Eyedro Business Energy Monitor
  • MyEyedro Pro includes advanced features e.g. Advanced Alerts
See MyEyedro Features Comparison below.


Eyedro and MyEyedro are always working together to measure, analyze and store your electricity usage and cost information. The MyEyedro electricity monitoring cloud service presents your electricity data in ways that are

engaging, informative and easy to understand. See real-time electricity usage and gain access to many helpful features that help you uncover waste, manage costs and take control of your electricity use.

See MyEyedro in Action!

Discover how MyEyedro helps you take control of your electricity costs and consumption.

Visibility that's simple and accessible!

MyEyedro is easy to use and accessible from a standard web browser. See your hourly electricity consumption versus time-of-use pricing, or see how much you’re spending on electricity right this moment. Turn equipment and appliances off and on and see the power usage and cost change in real-time. Eyedro and MyEyedro are always working together to measure, analyze and store your electricity usage and cost information so it’s there when you need it. MyEyedro is designed to help you understand when and where power is used within your building so you can identify waste, make adjustments and save money.

Your data presented how you like it

MyEyedro presents your data in intuitive and easy to use plugins. The list of available MyEyedro plugins is constantly growing to provide valuable insight in fun and enlightening new ways.

Browser Support

Support for today's most popular browsers

MyEyedro is designed and developed using the latest web technologies and supports today’s most popular web browsers; Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Opera.

MyEyedro Cloud Software on Mobile

Optimized for mobile devices

MyEyedro Mobile is optimized for the smaller screen of mobile devices. View your electrical data where ever you happen to be. It is supported by today’s most popular mobile devices; iPhone, Android and Blackberry.

MyEyedro Features Comparison

Find out just how much you can save when you have the power to take control