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Eyedro Installation: Opening the Panel and Installing the Current Sensors

While we always recommend that you hire a licensed electrician to install your Eyedro sensors, many home owners opt to install their Eyedro system themselves.  Always shut down the power to your electrical panel first and proceed with utmost caution!

Once the power is shut off at your electrical panel you can remove the cover to expose the circuits.  Your Eyedro sensors can be clamped over any individual branch circuits that you would like to monitor, but most homeowners choose to clamp the sensors over the 2 main lines that feed their panel (and usually their entire home).

For more information and a video demonstration of this step: Eyedro Installation: Opening the Panel and Installing the Current Sensors

Once you choose the circuits that you want to monitor you will need to close the sensors.  To ensure accurate measurements the sensors must be shut securely.  Eyedro current sensors will almost always make an audible clicking sound when you snap them shut.  To close the sensor, gently push down and on an angle from the hinge until you hear the click.

Routing the Eyedro Current Sensor Cables Through a Panel Knockout

You will want to route the Eyedro sensor cables out through a knockout in your electrical panel.  Please install a bushing in the knockout to protect the wires from sharp metal edges:

electrical panel knock-out bushing

Electrical Panel Knock-out Bushing

Connect your sensor wires to the sensor ports on your Eyedro.

That’s it!  Now you are ready for the next step:

Connecting the Eyedro Gateway and Cables