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Eyedro Launches to monitor electricity consumption in home and business


Important tool for lowering electricity bills offered up as a crowd-sourced funding project on Indiegogo


Waterloo (Ontario) CANADA, January 4, 2013 – Eyedro Green Solutions, a leading manufacturer of electricity usage monitors, announced today the launch of a new electricity consumption monitoring cloud service called, providing home and small business owners with an innovative new tool to monitor and reduce rising electricity costs.  Eyedro is launching as a crowd-sourcing project at ( with contributors to the project receiving highly discounted real-time electricity monitors, also produced by the company.

“The United States and Canada are among the world’s top ten electricity consumers.  Homeowners and small business owners continue to battle electricity costs – particularly high demand periods. offers people an effective and easy way to lower electricity bills, offering a new level of visibility into where electricity is going,” says Trevor Orton, CEO, Eyedro Green Solutions.

Orton explains that users can leverage to pinpoint where waste is occurring, allowing them to take proactive measures to conserve energy and cut electricity costs.

“It can be a real eye-opener. We’ve seen many home owners discover that an appliance in their home is using far more electricity than expected,” says Orton.  “And once the problem is addressed, the cost savings are long-term.” debuts with support for Eyedro’s real-time electricity monitors and a roadmap that includes Green Button and smart outlet/appliance support.


About Eyedro Green Solutions Inc.

Eyedro Green Solutions Inc. is a software and electronics design company delivering affordable and effective energy management products and cloud based services for home and business.

The company’s flagship electricity monitoring product and cloud service allows users to visualize electricity usage, identify waste, and cut electricity costs. For more information visit or



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