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Eyedro Smart Home Integration Guide

3.Amazon Alexa #

Amazon Alexa integration with MyEyedro:
What it can do:
The MyEyedro electricity monitoring cloud service presents your electricity data in ways that are engaging, informative and easy to
understand. See real-time electricity usage and gain access to many helpful features that help you uncover waste, manage costs and
take control of your electricity use. Now you can even access your electricity information through your Amazon Echo simply by
uttering “Alexa, ask MyEyedro …”
This skill requires that the user has a valid MyEyedro user account with a supported Eyedro electricity monitor installed. Visit for more information.

How to setup:
1. Ensure you have the Amazon Alexa mobile phone app. This can be downloaded from the Play Store or App Store.
2. On the app’s home screen, click on ‘BROWSE SKILLS’.

3. Click the hourglass in the top right of the app to bring up skills search.

4. Search for the skill named ‘MyEyedro’.

5. The returned result will be the MyEyedro Alexa skill. To open the details, click on the skill.

6. Click on ‘LAUNCH’ to activate the skill and bring you to your MyEyedro login.

7. Enter in your valid MyEyedro credentials to fully enable the Alexa skill.

8. You are now connected to the MyEyedro skill! Click ‘close’ to proceed back to the Alexa app’s home screen and start using the skill.

How to use:
Once your Amazon Echo is successfully linked to your MyEyedro user account, you will receive responses for
your electricity queries.
Please use the following commands to interact with Alexa:

Alexa, ask MyEyedro for today’s highlights.
The response contains the current demand and most recent change for each Display Group associated
with your user account.

Alexa, ask MyEyedro for my usage.
The response contains the current electricity demand (in watts). Use this to determine how much
electricity you are currently using.

Alexa, ask MyEyedro for the most recent change.
The response contains the most recent change in electricity demand (in watts). Use this to determine
the electricity demand of the last appliance that turned on/off.

Alexa, ask MyEyedro for my bill estimate.
The response contains the cost estimate of the current billing period.
NOTE: This command requires that the rate profile has been properly defined in your MyEyedro user
account. This is an estimate for information purposes only. Your actual bill will be provided by your electric

Alexa, ask MyEyedro for help.
The response contains help and manual information.
Alexa, ask MyEyedro to cancel.
There will be no response, and you will exit the MyEyedro skill.
Alexa, ask MyEyedro to stop.
There will be no response, and you will exit the MyEyedro skill.

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Last updated on 09-Aug-2021
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