Save more with MyEyedro and Green Button

What is Green Button?

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Green Button is a North America-wide initiative being adopted by many utilities as part of an ongoing effort to provide their customers with better access to their energy usage information – in an easy, secure and standardized way.

Green Button Connect My Data allows you to access and share your Green Button data, through a safe and secure manner, with third party applications, like MyEyedro. You decide when and with who you share your information and for how long.


What is MyEyedro?


MyEyedro Devices

MyEyedro is a fun, fast and free way to manage your electricity use. At home or on the go, see how you measure up against family, friends and even neighbours. Get billing estimates, graph your time of use and find out just how much you can save when you have the power to take control.


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Green Button Connect My Data – Ontario Pilot

If you live in Ontario and are currently a customer of Hydro One or London Hydro you are eligible to participate in the Ontario Green Button Connect My Data pilot. Just create a MyEyedro user account (or log into your existing account) and add your Green Button data source.