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How to Export MyEyedro Hourly Data



To explain how to export MyEyedro hourly data to Excel.


MyEyedro Export tab

Export to Excel tab



  1. Click on the gears in the top right corner of the page in MyEyedro (this is the main menu).
  2. Select Devices.
  3. On the Display Groups tab, click on the Export tab.
  4. Choose the desired Export Period from the options: Last Week, Last month, Last Year, and Custom.
  5. If you choose Custom, enter the Export From and Export To dates (the dates bracketing the data you want to export).
  6. Choose the Data Type you want from the options: Daily (Wh), Hourly (Wh), 15min (Wh), 1 min (Wh), Raw (W), and Raw (mA).
  7. Finally click the “Export Data” button.

Note that the exported data will be in your downloads folder.

Display Groups Export Tab

Data Export tab




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