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Introducing the Solar Ready Eyedro WiFi


Eyedro WiFi is Here and Includes Several New Features!

New WiFi Models:

  • EYEFI-2 for Home – Solar Ready – 2 sensors (available Now)
  • EYEFI-4 for Home – Solar Ready – 4 sensors (available December 2018)
  • EYEFI-3 for Business – 3-Phase – 3 sensors (available January 2019)

EYEFI Features:

  • Connect via WIFI (no ethernet cable)
  • SOLAR READY: directional sensors for solar/net metering
  • Measures Wh, $, A, V, PF, W (true power)
  • Local web server: use with or without MyEyedro cloud service
  • Programmers: read data directly from hardware
  • Data Logger mode for energy auditors (coming soon)
  • Fully compatible with MyEyedro user interface
  • Same easy installation

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Example of EYEFI-2 on a home with in floor heating and solar panels:

Eyedro EYEFI live data sample

Eyedro EYEFI Live data Sample