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Invert Your MyEyedro Measurement Polarity

Are you seeing unexpected negative polarity?


If you are seeing measurements that are the opposite of what you were expecting (positive or negative), you can change them in your MyEyedro account:


  1. Go to the Configuration menu, then select Devices.
  2. Select the affected device from the Device list.
  3. Click on Edit Device Settings.
  4. For each affected port select Sensor InvertedYes or No.
  5. Hit Submit!
MyEyedro Demand Live plugin showing Port A negative polarity.

Expand the Configuration menu then select Devices:

MyEyedro Configuration menu

For each port (sensor) that is the incorrect polarity, change Sensor Inverted to Yes or No

Click Submit when you have finished making settings changes:

MyEyedro Sensor Inverted Settings

It may take a minute for the polarity change to appear in your MyEyedro data.

That was easy!

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