Machine and Lab Equipment Monitoring

Machine utilization for laboratories

Equipment Monitoring Made Easy

Machine and lab equipment monitoring has never been easier with the Eyedro Machine Monitoring line of products.  Simply add the Inline Machine Monitoring to any piece of equipment and the algorithm detects the OFF-IDLE and RUN cycles and reports that to your team daily. Be notified of any run cycle abnormalities.

The MyEyedro cloud software provides you with automated, easy-to-understand usage reports as well as other important metrics. Our advanced cloud-based interface can be viewed by multiple Users on any mobile device.

The Sharing feature allows you to assign a real-time dashboard with your client for full transparency and gives them the ability to diagnose any equipment concerns.

The Eyedro system enables you to have over 10,000 pieces of equipment on the platform – call today for a quote.

Cloud-Based Intelligent Software & Reports

MyEyedro Asset Intelligence

Dashboard Shows Real-Time Amps, Voltage, PF & kW

MyEyedro Meter Volts

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