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Eyedro Graphics and Images

This page contains graphic assets that can be used in your own material provided it complies with the Eyedro Guidelines for Use of Graphic Assets (see below).
Eyedro Guidelines for Use of Graphic Assets
  1. You may not alter the Eyedro, MyEyedro or Powered By Eyedro logos in any manner, including size, proportions, colors, elements, and so forth, or animate, morph, or otherwise distort its perspective or appearance.
  2. Your use may not be obscene or pornographic and may not be disparaging, defamatory, or libelous to Eyedro Green Solutions Inc., any of its products, or any other person or entity.
  3. Your use may not directly or indirectly imply Eyedro Green Solutions Inc.’s sponsorship, affiliation, or endorsement of your product or service.
  4. Your use may not infringe any Eyedro Green Solutions Inc.’s intellectual property or other rights, may not violate any state, provincial or federal laws, and must comply with international IP laws.
  5. You agree that you will not file a trademark application anywhere that is identical to, contains, or is confusingly similar to an Eyedro Green Solution Inc. trademark.
  6. You may not present false or misleading information about Eyedro Green Solutions Inc. products or services.
  7. These guidelines do not give you permission to use any other Eyedro Green Solution Inc. logos, icons, images, or trademarks. Eyedro Green Solutions Inc. reserves the right in its sole discretion to terminate or modify your permission to display these graphics at any time.

If your use meets the above criteria, no further written permission is required, and you may download the image for use in accordance with the guidelines above.

Browse through the image galleries to view and right click to download/save.

If you are looking for an image size or format that is not available on this page, require a vector graphic version of one of the logos or require use of one (or more) the graphics in a manner that is not in accordance with the guidelines for use, contact with your request.

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