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MyEyedro User Guide v5

4.2.2.Add Site #

Site List with an arrow pointing to the add site button.

To add a Site, direct to the Sites Page under Configurations. Under Site List, Click ‘Add Site’.

This will open a new dialog box on your screen to create a new site, which looks like the following image.

Screenshot of the Add Site Dialog









FieldHow It’s Used
Site LabelUse a unique and descriptive label for sharing purposes. ‘Jane’s House’ is more descriptive than ‘My House’.
Time ZoneImportant*: Ensure you select the correct time zone to get accurate data,
Country & CityOptional Descriptor
Latitude & LongitudeOptional Descriptor
Floor AreaHow large is the site.
Occupancy(average)How many people are, on average, at this location.




After you’re satisfied with the Site Information entered, Click ‘Submit’.

Site list updated with a new site.

The newly created site will now appear under the Site List.

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