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6.2.1.Bill Profile Tab #

Screenshot of MyEyedro Client - Bill Profile Tab

  Field How It’s Used


Bill Profile Tab Click on the Bill Profile tab to view and modify general Bill Profile and Rate Structure settings.
B Bill Profile Name Modify Bill Profile Name to uniquely identify this Bill Profile. The name on the Bill Profile List will change to reflect the new name typed in this field.


Rate Structure Configuration Displays current settings and allows editing of the Rate Structure currently selected from the Rate Structures List.


Effective Date Specify when the selected Rate Structure takes effect.


Bill Frequency Specify the billing period of the selected Rate Structure. Monthly, Bi-monthly, and Quarterly billing periods are currently supported.


Rate Structure Specify the rate plan of the selected Rate Structure. Fixed, Tiered, Time of Use, Tiered Time of Use, and Daily Tiered pricing schemes are currently supported.


Number of Seasons If your rates vary based on different seasons, specify the number of seasons required.


List of Seasons Lists seasons, as specified by the Number of Seasons field.
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