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MyEyedro User Guide v5

4.3.2.Bill Profiles #

Each user account will have a default Bill Profile created for it. This Bill Profile provides the rules that the MyEyedro client uses to compute cost estimates and present billing information.

Labeled image of the bill profile list, add button, details, and settings sections.

 FieldHow It’s Used
ABill Profiles ListList of Bill Profiles associated with your user account.

By default, a single Bill Profile (named “Default”) is created for a user account with “Owner” permissions. Any Bill Profiles associated with Devices or Sites shared with your user account will also appear in this list, with “Read Only” permissions and limited functionality.

NOTE: Each user account is limited to a SINGLE Bill Profile.

BAdd BIll ProfilePressing this button will open a dialog which will create a new bill profile for your user account.
CBill Profile DetailsThis box displays the label of the currently selected bill profile, as well as the delete button should you choose to delete the currently selected bill profile.
DBill Profile SettingsThis box displays the bill profile settings.
EEdit Bill ProfilePressing this button after selected a bill profile that your account owns will bring up a dialog box populated with the settings for the current bill profile.



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