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8.5.Bills #

The Bills plugin displays summaries of estimated costs and billing information (based on the currently active Bill Profile) for all sensors of a specified Display Group.

  Field How It’s Used


Billing History Graph Displays total consumption of the last several billing periods.


Billing Period Click on a specific Billing Period in the Summary Graph to retrieve details for that particular period.


Daily Cost Graph Displays total cost information for each day in the selected Billing Period. If displaying the current period, this graph displays projected costs.


Electricity Cost Details Hover over any of the columns to retrieve the cost breakdown details for that day.


Bill Period Statistics Statistics from the selected Billing Period.


Charges (To Date) Summary Displays consumption totals and Bill to Date costs based on rates provided in Rate Settings. Click on the  button beside each header to view a detailed breakdown.


Bill Estimate Summary If viewing current Billing Period, displays summary for projected costs.


Display Groups Select the Display Group for which to display information.
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