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MyEyedro User Guide v5

  1. Introduction
    1. Account Access
    2. Signing In
    3. Signing Out
    4. Help & Support
    5. MyEyedro Mobile
  2. Plugins
    1. Highlights
    2. Demand - Live
      1. Temperature Overlay
      2. Demand Alerts
        1. Demand Threshold Average
        2. Demand Threshold Continuous
        3. Demand Threshold Instantaneous
    3. Consumption
      1. Consumption Alerts
        1. Consumption Threshold
    4. Bills
    5. Reports
    6. Net Meter
    7. Compare
    8. Utility Dashboard
    9. Meter
    10. Asset Intelligence
  3. Tools
    1. Data Exporter
    2. Base Load
    3. Peak Load
    4. Unit Converter
    5. Cost Estimator
    6. Solar Calculator
  4. Configuration
    1. User Configuration
      1. Opening User Configuration
      2. Change Password
    2. Site Configuration
      1. Opening Site Configuration
      2. Add Site
      3. Edit Site
      4. Delete Site
      5. Share Site
        1. Un-Share Site
    3. Rate Configuration
      1. Opening Rate Configuration
      2. Bill Profiles
        1. Add Bill Profile
        2. Edit Bill Profile
        3. Delete Bill Profile
      3. Rate Profiles
        1. Add Rate Profile
        2. Edit Rate Profile
        3. Delete Rate Profile
        4. Fixed Price
        5. Tiered
        6. Time of Use
        7. Daily Tiered
        8. Tiered Time of Use
        9. Other Fees
    4. Device Configuration
      1. Opening Device Configuration
      2. Add Device
      3. Edit Device Settings
        1. Gateway Module
        2. Electricity Module
        3. Pulse Module
        4. Temperature Module
      4. Delete Device
      5. Updating Device Firmware
      6. Active/Inactive Alerts
    5. Display Group Configuration
      1. Opening Display Group Configuration
      2. Add Display Group
      3. Edit Display Group
      4. Delete Display Group
      5. Share Display Group
        1. Un-Share Display Group
      6. Configure Alerts
    6. Report Configuration
      1. Opening Report Configuration
      2. Add Report Profile
      3. Edit Report Profile
      4. Delete Report Profile
      5. Report Types
        1. Net Meter
        2. Usage and Cost
        3. Usage and Cost with Graph
        4. Usage Ranking (Premium)
        5. Renewable Generation Metrics (Premium)
        6. Renewable Generation Ranking (Premium)
        7. Asset Metrics (Pro)
        8. Asset Ranking (Pro)
        9. Device Settings (Pro)
        10. Device Uptime (Pro)
        11. New Users (Branded Site Admin)
        12. User Metrics (Branded Site Admin)
      6. Scheduled Reports
    7. Alert Configuration
      1. Opening Alert Configuration
      2. Edit Alert Options
    8. Asset Configuration
      1. Opening Asset Configuration
      2. Asset Profiles
        1. Add Asset Profile
        2. Edit Asset Profile
        3. Delete Asset Profile
      3. Assets
        1. Add Asset
        2. Edit Asset
        3. Delete Asset
  5. Integrated SmartApps

3.1.Data Exporter #

The Data Exporter tool permits the export of data from a selected display group or device into a comma separated value file (.csv) for data exchange.

Data Export Tool


 FieldHow It’s Used
Specify the device or display group to export.
BData Type
Select the type of data to be exported.
CSpanSet the number of days to be include.
DEnd DateSet the end date for your export. Data up to 11:59:59 PM on this day will be included.
EEmail RecipientsA comma separated list of email recipients to receive the data export, if left empty the email associated with your MyEyedro profile will be used instead.
FExport DataInitiate the data export, creating a new export task.
GData Export TaskEach export task displays the current status and parameters of the data export as well as buttons to regenerate data or directly download the resulting CSV file. Note: Regenerating a file will send a new round of emails to your recipient list.
HDelete TaskDelete the selected export task.

On export task completion, all email recipients will receive a notification in the following format with an attached copy of the exported data.

Data Exporter Email Notification


 FieldHow It’s Used
AGenerated onThe date that this export was generated.
BRequested byThe MyEyedro user account that performed the export.
CData SourceThe device or display group that was exported.
DData TypeType of data that was exported.
EDate SpanDate range of the export.
FAttachmentFilename for the attached data export CSV.
GDownload LinkA direct download link to the CSV export.
Yes No
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