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MyEyedro User Guide v5

2.2.Demand - Live #

The Live Demand plugin displays live summaries of current and historical electrical data for all sensors of a specified Display Group. This plugin only supports real-time data collection.

Live demand example graph with labels that correspond to description table below.

 FieldHow It’s Used


Detailed Timeline GraphShows real-time and historical electrical data for all sensors of a selected Display Group. You can use your mouse to highlight regions of the graph to zoom in on.


Detailed Timeline Graph LegendDisplays the graph legend and is used to toggle different series on or off in the Detailed Timeline Graph. Also displays current readings and most recent changes for all sensors on a selected Display Group.


Master Timeline GraphShows the aggregate electrical data for the past week. You can use your mouse to click on an area in the timeline to display details for.



Additional Display Options

Labeled image of the demand plugin options

  1. These grey buttons are a Refresh button to update the data and visuals on screen, a pause button to prevent live data from being added, and options button to expand the options panel.
  2. Specify which Display Group data should be displayed by selecting the appropriate Display Group from the “Display data for” dropdown menu.
  3. Choose the date to which electrical consumption or cost data is displayed. Changing this value will adjust the right most date of the Master Timeline Graph. By default this will be set to the current date.
  4. Choose the scale of the Detailed Timeline Graph. This option will also adjust the size of the selection window in the Master Timeline Graph.
  5. Click on the Options menu to customize your plugin settings.
  6. Specify whether the Live Demand plugin should display Power (W), Current (A), Voltage (V) or Power Factor (PF) information.
  7. The Graph Type will change what kind of graph is being used to display the data.
  8. Graph Scale: Unchecking will give the option of entering Graph Min, and Graph Max values.
  9. The Show Details Grid Toggles whether display data for all sensors in the selected Display Group are aggregated or displayed individually.
  10. The  Master Graph will hide the Master Graph at the bottom of the webpage if unchecked.


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