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MyEyedro User Guide v5

4.5.Display Group Configuration #

The Display Groups tab is used to add and delete Display Groups associated with your user account.

A Display Group is a grouping of Device data sources (sensors) for display. Display Groups provide flexibility when presenting data collected from various sensors, allowing sensors (of the same type) from multiple Devices to be separated or combined for presentation in MyEyedro.

Labeled example of the display group to match descriptions below.


 FieldHow It’s Used
ADisplay Group ListThe list of Display Group Names associated with your user account. A Display Group Name is assigned to a Display Group to identify it, which is useful when there are multiple Display Groups under a user account.
BDisplay Group Owner 

Yes” indicates that the Display Group has been created by this user account.

No” indicates that the Display Group was shared with this user account, and has limited functionality.

CDisplay Group Details AreaDisplays details and settings for the Display Group currently highlighted in the Display Group List.
Yes No
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