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MyEyedro User Guide v5

4.5.6.Display Group Consumption Alert #

–Premium Feature–

You can configure alerts to be sent to you via email when certain conditions are met, here we have some information on alerts for you consumption. Here is an example of the alert you would receive.

An example of the Alert email sent to the user when the event occurs.

Here we have the consumption plugin displaying the configured alerts, and displaying where the threshold is on the graph.

Consumption plugin graph example.

You can configure consumptions event on the Display Group configuration page, under the Display Group Settings table is the Alerts table where you can create, edit, and delete different alert configurations.

Display Group Alert Profile Table.

 FieldHow It’s Used
AList of active AlertsThis will list out all active alerts on your account connected to the currently selected display group.
BAdd NotificationOpens the Alert Notification Options window to create a new alert.
CEdit NotificationOpens the Alert Notification Options window to edit the currently selected alert.
DDelete NotificationDeletes the currently selected alert notification.

When creating or editing a consumption event, you will be using the same modal, here is an example of what it looks like.

Example of the consumption event creation window.

 FieldHow It’s Used
ANotification TypeThe type of event you want to track
BData TypeThe type of data you want to watch for the event.
COperatorThis is the actual check you want to make, “Equal to 0” will inform you if your consumption drops to 0, while the “Greater than” or “Less than” will check if the consumption is greater/less than a threshold that you have to set in the next field.
DThresholdThis is the value used in the greater/less than operators, this field is not visible if the operator is set to “Equal to 0”.
EPeriodThe period of time to check the consumption over.
FLabelThis text will appear anywhere this event configuration is listed to help you identify it’s purpose, it will also be used as the subject line on the alert.
GCustom MessageIf you want to include a message in the alert email when this event is triggered, you can in this field.
HEmail RecipientsA comma separated list of emails you want to receive the alert email.
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