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MyEyedro User Guide v5

4.7.2.Edit Alert Options #

To modify your accounts alert options, click the Edit Alert Notification Options button.

Alert Options edit button circled

This will bring up the edit options modal window.

Alert Options Edit Window with labels to match the table


 FieldHow It’s Used
ASend Me NotificationsUnchecking this will prevent any notifications from being sent from your configured events.
BLimit when notifications are sentChecking this will reveal the options to limit when you wish for the alerts to be sent.
CStart TimeThe time of day you want to start receiving alerts.
DStop TimeThe time you want stop receiving alerts for the day.
EDaysUnchecking any of the days of the week will prevent alerts from being sent on that day.
FMaximum Email per DayThis field will limit the number of notifications that are sent out in a day.


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