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MyEyedro User Guide v5

2.1.Highlights #

The Highlights plugin displays convenient at-a-glance summaries of electrical consumption and estimated costs for all sensors of a specified Display Group.


 FieldHow It’s Used


Hourly GraphThe hourly cost/consumption for all sensors. Hovering your mouse over the orange line graph shows a rolling 4 week average for comparison purposes.


Billing SummaryDisplays billing summary data, including:

  • Bill to Date: estimated total electricity cost to date.
  • Bill Estimate: estimated total electricity cost.


Current Demand GaugeThe total electrical demand at the current time, as the demand goes up, the dial will rotate around the gauge so you can see at a glance if your demand is where you expect it.


Today’s TotalThe total consumption so far, along with a projected amount for how much consumption there will be at the current pace.


Today’s ProjectionThe projected cost/consumption of your electricity for today.


Current RateThe current price you are being charged per kilowatt hour (kWh), based on currently active Rate Structure.


Current Demand SummaryThe minimum and maximum electricity demand measured today since midnight.

NOTE: If displaying data as cost, the demand is multiplied by the current billing rate to determine instantaneous cost.


Additional Display Options

Numbered image of the additional options for the highlights plugin.


  1. Optional if you do not see this panel on the right side of the screen, you will have to click this grey cog to expand it, and the refresh button beside it will refresh the plugin.
  2. Specify which Display Group data should be displayed for by selecting the appropriate Display Group from the “Display data for” dropdown menu.
  3. Click on the More Options menu to customize your plugin settings.
  4. Specify whether the Highlights plugin should display Cost ($) information or Consumption (kWh) information.
  5. Specify which graphic should be used for projection (ex. House, Car).
  6. Specify whether the Current Demand Summary gauge should use the current day’s Daily Max Demand as its maximum value. If unchecked, you can specify a custom maximum value (in watts) for the gauge.
  7. Customize the colours used in the Current Demand Summary By default, colours on the gauge represent demand from 0W (green) to the maximum value (red) in 20% increments.
  8. Tells the plugin to ignore the minimum demand if it isn’t higher than 0.



Mobile View

Mobile view of the highlights plugin example.

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