1.5.MyEyedro Mobile #

The MyEyedro cloud service also provides a mobile-friendly version for users who prefer to access their accounts from their smartphones or other mobile devices. When visiting MyEyedro from a mobile device, you will be automatically redirected to the mobile client. The mobile site can also be accessed directly via https://MyEyedro.com/mobile or by clicking on the “Try our mobile friendly version” link from the browser sign in page.

Screenshot of MyEyedro Client - Mobile

  Field How It’s Used
A Account credentials Enter your Email address and Password to sign in to your user account.
B Remember me Optionally, you may select the Remember option to store your credentials in a cookie for future visits.
C Sign in Tap the “Sign In” button once your account credentials have been entered to access your account.
D Non-mobile Site Redirect Tap the “Non-mobile Site” button if you would prefer to access the non-mobile client on your device.
E Plugin Menu Displays the list of all available mobile Plugins.
F Plugin Button Tap the “Plugin Button” button to display the Plugin Menu.
G Manuals Tap the “Manuals” button to access the User Guide (this document).
H Support Tap the “Support” button to be redirected to the Support Website.
I Help Tap the “Help” button to display the Help Menu.
J Sign Out Tap the “Sign Out” button to sign out of your account.
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