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MyEyedro User Guide v5

2.7.Net Meter #

The Net Meter plugin displays at-a-glance summaries of net electrical generation and consumption for specified Display Groups. This plugin requires multiple Display Groups.

Image of the net metering graph that has labels that correspond to the description table below.

 FieldHow It’s Used
ANet GraphDisplays hourly summary of electrical generation (in green), consumption (in red), and net (in orange).
BNet Graph DetailsHover over any of the columns to see an hourly summation of electrical net generation and consumption over the specified date.
CCurrent GenerationCurrent instantaneous generation reading.
DNet Generation and ConsumptionDifference between current generation and current consumption.
ECurrent ConsumptionCurrent instantaneous consumption reading.
FGenerationSelect the Display Group to use for the generation series.
GConsumptionSelect the Display Group to use for the consumption series.
HDate Selector Choose the date for which to display data. By default this will be set to the current date.


Additional Display Options


Labeled image of the display options for the net metering.


  1. Toggles whether the additional display options are visible.
  2. Choose the scale of the Net Meter Graph. 15-minute, hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly scales are currently supported.
  3. Choose the number of steps (in the x-axis) are shown in the graph.
  4. Unchecking will allow the user to enter the Graph Min, and the Graph Max values.
  5. Toggles whether consumption is shown as the sum of original consumption and generation values.
  6. Inverts the direction the bars on the graph go for the generations, so they would be seen as negative in toggled.
  7. Inverts the direction the bars on the graph go for the consumption, so they would be seen as negative in toggled.
  8. Overlays a line graph representing the net energy consumed.
  9. Toggles whether the statistic data beneath the graph is displayed.



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