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8.9.Net Meter #

The Net Meter plugin displays at-a-glance summaries of net electrical generation and consumption for specified Display Groups. This plugin requires multiple Display Groups.

  Field How It’s Used
A Net Graph Displays hourly summary of electrical generation (in green), consumption (in red), and net (in orange).
B Net Graph Details Hover over any of the columns to see an hourly summation of electrical net generation and consumption over the specified date.
C Current Generation Current instantaneous generation reading.
D Net Generation and Consumption Difference between current generation and current consumption.
E Current Consumption Current instantaneous consumption reading.
F Date Selector Choose the date for which to display data. By default this will be set to the current date.
G Generation Select the Display Group to use for the generation series.
H Consumption Select the Display Group to use for the consumption series.
I Options Consumption is net: compensates for generation on system Main lines.

Invert Consumption: inverts consumption data on Net Meter graph

Invert Generation: inverts generation data on Net Meter graph

Show Net In Graph: toggles Net data line in Net Meter graph

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