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MyEyedro User Guide v5 Fees #

The Other Fees tab allows you to specify miscellaneous fees that are added to your consumption charges to make up the total on your electrical bill. The details of these fees are sometimes indicated on the back of your bill. If you are unable to find this information on your bill, it may be available on your electrical utilities website.

Labeled example of the buttons needed to add/edit/delete fees and charges to match with descriptions

 FieldHow It’s Used
AAdd FeeAdd a new Fee row to the table to be included in data reporting and services.
BDelete FeeDeletes the currently selected row in the table, if there are no rows the buttons is disabled.
CMove UpMoves the selected row up in the table if there are multiple rows, and the selected row is not at the top.
DMove DownMoves the selected row down in the table if there are multiple rows, and the selected row is not at the bottom.


Once you have added a row to the table, you can then edit it by double clicking any of the cells in that row.

Numbered example of how to edit row values of the fees and charges.

  1. The Fee label should be unique, so that you can easily identify what the fee is and what it is for.
  2. This is the cost or amount to charge for this instance.
  3. This drop down is used to describe how the fee/charge is applied.
    1. $/Bill are additional fees applied to your monthly bill, regardless of consumption (e.g. a monthly administration fee).
    2. $/Day are additional fees applied each day, regardless of consumption (e.g. a daily delivery or distribution charge).
    3. $/kWh are additional fees based on consumption (e.g. fuel surcharges).
    4. %($) is a multiplier that may be applied to your measured or metered consumption to compensate for transmission losses.
    5. % Adjustment (kWh) is calculated based on the resulting adjusted consumption.
    6. $/kWp(Peak Demand) are additional fees applied to peak energy usage.
    7. $/kWp(Peak Hour) are additional fees applied to peak hour energy usage.
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