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MyEyedro User Guide v5

4.3.3.Rate Profiles #


labeled break down of the rate profile side of the rates configuration page.


 FieldHow It’s Used
ARate Profile ListThis list of rate profile is populated when a bill profile is clicked in the bill profile list.
BAdd Rate Profile ButtonWhen pressed, this will open a new dialog window that will be used to create a new bill profile to be connected to the currently selected bill profile.
CDetailsThis displays the label of the currently selected bill profile, and currently selected rate profile.


labeled break down of the rate profile settings side of the rates configuration page.

 FieldHow It’s Used
DRate Profile SettingsThis block displays the the settings for the currently selected rate profile
EEffective DateThe Effective date of a rate profile is the day the profile begins, which will be used to narrow down what data to use to when generating bills.
FBill FrequencyDisplays the currently selected Bill Frequency, currently Monthly, Bi-monthly, and Quarterly billing periods are supported.
GRate StructureDisplays the Rate Structure currently selected, currently Fixed, Tiered, Time of Use, and Daily Tiered pricing schemes are supported.
HRate TableThis table show you how you currently have your rate structured, and populated with the rate information that you have entered from your utility provider.
IEdit Rate Profile ButtonAfter selected a bill profile, and rate profile, you can press this button to edit the settings of your rate profile.


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