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MyEyedro User Guide v5

2.5.Reports #

The Reports plugin generates daily and weekly electricity usage and estimated cost summaries for all sensors of all Display Groups associated or shared with your account.

Image of the reports plugin with labels that correspond with the description table below.

 FieldHow It’s Used
AAvailable ReportsDisplays the list of all available reports to date. Highlight the specific report you wish to see.
BConfigureConfigure the report type and period of data for the selected Display Group.
CAvailable Data PeriodsChoose which period of data to display.
DSelected ReportDisplays the currently selected report from Available Reports.
EExportingClick on the “Share by email” button to generate (and email) the currently selected report and/or click on “Print” to print a copy.

The Usage and Cost Summary provides a high-level view of activity for one specific display group.
Important: when preparing an unscheduled report, make sure the Schedule checkbox is unchecked, otherwise you will create an unintended scheduled report.

Additional Display Options

V5 Reports display options panel.


  1. Refresh button and display options button that will hide and show the additional display options panel.
  2. Toggles the display options in the panel.
  3. Toggles whether the report profile list is visible
  4. Toggles whether the scheduled report profiles show in the report profile list.
  5. Toggles whether the unscheduled report profiles show in the report profile list.
  6. Toggles whether the report profile details table is visible or not.



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