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MyEyedro User Guide v5

4.6.6.Scheduled Reports #

Report Profiles with **scheduling** enabled will automatically generate reports beginning on the Scheduled Start Date, and every Report Period thereafter. The first report will represent data from one Report Period prior to the Scheduled Start Date.


Relevant fields when scheduling a report are detailed below.

Breakdown of the Report Scheduling settings when adding a Report Profile

 FieldHow It’s Used
AReport PeriodThe time period which the report will evaluate.
BScheduledAutomatically generates a report on the scheduled start day and each period after.
CScheduled Start DateThe first date your report will be generated on. The report will evaluate one Report Period before Scheduled Start Date.
DEmail RecipientsAny email addresses you wish a copy of the scheduled report to automatically be sent to.



The Report shown below is scheduled to run daily.

Demonstration of a scheduled report

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