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MyEyedro User Guide v5

4.5.5.Share Display Group #

Arrow pointing the share display group section to show how to expand that section.

To open the Sharing Menu, direct to the Display Groups page under Configurations. Open the Sharing Menu by clicking the drop down arrow.

Numbered instructions on how to share a display group with another user.

 FieldHow It’s Used


Select Display GroupUnder Display Group List, select the Display Group you’d like to share with another MyEyedro user.


Enter emailIn the email field, enter a valid MyEyedro user’s email that you’d like to share a Display Group with (read-only).


ShareClicking the ‘Add Share’ button will verify that the email you entered belongs to a valid MyEyedro user, and they will now be able to see the Display Group as part of their list.

Example of an updated share with with the new user.

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