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MyEyedro User Guide v5

4.2.Site Configuration #

The Site Settings page is where you can manage Site-specific details and settings. This is also where Site data can be shared (read-only) with another MyEyedro user.

A Site is associated with Display Groups (see “Device Settings” for details) and Bill Profiles (see “Rates Settings” for details), and is where sensors are installed (i.e. a building or your house).

Screenshot of the site settings page to be an example.


MyEyedro Site Settings

Screenshot for site settings with labels corresponding to table with an description of fields

 FieldHow It’s Used
ASite InfoInformation about the site can be viewed here.
BSites ListLists all Sites associated with your MyEyedro account; shared Sites are “Read-Only”, while Sites belonging to the user will have “Owner” permissions.
CSite LabelUseful for multi-Site sharing.
DTime ZoneUsed to ensure all readings are correctly converted from UTC time to a user’s local time zone.
ELocation InformationWhere optional location information such as country, state/province, city, zip/postal code, and longitude/latitude is stored.  Location information is not currently required.
FSite Size InformationHow large of a space the site is and average number of people there.
GEdit this siteUsed to enable editing of this site.
HSite SharingThis section expands and displays users this site is shared with, as well as give the option to share and delete shares
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