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4.3.Survey Tab #

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  Field How It’s Used


Survey Tab Click on the Survey tab to access, edit, and add information gathered during a Site survey. Users can store the following kinds of information on MyEyedro:

  • General: number of buildings/electrical grid information, miscellaneous comments, and images
  • Buildings: building name, type, age
  • Solar Arrays: array name, role, number of panels, power rating, surface area
  • Storage Banks: bank name, role, capacity, storage type, voltage
  • Generators: generator name, role, capacity, model, fuel type


Misc. Images Images of Sites (must be 400×400 pixels) can be uploaded for reference and to more easily identify multiple Sites. Images uploaded here will also be visible in the General tab.


Export Survey A completed building survey can be exported as a CSV (Comma-Separated Values) file.


Reset Survey If required, the entire Site survey can be reset and all currently saved data will be deleted.
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