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MyEyedro User Guide v5 of Use Rate Structure #

The Time of Use rate structure allows you to define specific rates depending on the time of day.

Numbered example of the time of use rate profile type to match the instructions below


  1. Click on the All Year Rates tab, if you have you rates separated by Season, then you will click on the Season you wish to work on first. By default, Time of Use will have Weekend rates enabled, which you can read about in Weekends.
  2. The rates table displays the default values for creating a rate profile, double click on the label of the tier you wan to edit (currently shown here as “Tier 1”) to be able to change the identifying display name for the current rate. You can also click the small circle with an X in it to clear the label field, which is shown in the image below
  3. By default, the rates table has some time ranges populated, you can change these to match your time ranges. When you change the “From” value of one range an save it, the “To” value of the previous range will be updated to reflect so there is no overlap. This will work the same way with changing the “To” field.
  4. Cost value, double click on the field, you want to edit, you will be able to type in the numerical value, or use the small up and down arrows to adjust the value as seen below.
  5. Optional Should you have more than 5 time bands, you can click the Add Time Band button, this will add a new time band row under the tier that is currently selected.
  6. Optional Should you need to remove a time band, all you need to do is click on the time band row to remove, and then click the Delete Time Band Button

Numbered example how to edit rows of the time of use rate profile.

  1.  Optional.  if you do change the label or the cost value, you will have these 4 buttons,
    • The check mark with set the values in both the Label and Cost field in preparation for saving the rate profile.
    • The X button will discard the changes you have made.
    • The button with 2 arrows pointing at one another will reset the fields to the initial values displayed when you had double clicked on a field
    • The single circular arrow will reset the fields to the default values.
  1. Optional If you have selected to have the profile split by season, or have specific weekend rates, you can edit those as well, see Multiple Seasons.
  2. Optional If you have fees or charges to include, you can add them here, see Other Fees and Charges.
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