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MyEyedro Display Group Configuration

MyEyedro Display Group configuration settings allow you to create custom groupings of sensors that report together, assign personalized names to Display Groups, assign to a Site, create email shares.

There are direct links from the MyEyedro cloud pages to the MyEyedro user guide for help on any of the Configuration menu items.

  • Create custom sensor groups that report as a unit
  • Assign Display Groups to a specific Site
  • Assign to a Category such as Grid, Solar or Wind
  • Share Display Groups via email

Energy Monitoring Made Easy

Unlock advanced alerts, asset intelligence, asset profiles, advanced reports, RETScreen Integration, and more with a MyEyedro Pro license.

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Eyedro User Manuals

For detailed Eyedro product specifications, installation, and MyEyedro cloud software information please refer to the following Eyedro manuals:

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