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Please vote for our myFreeMonitor entry into at the Energy Apps for Ontario Challenge website. Simply click on the green VOTE button at ** MYFREEMONITOR ENTRY **

The Challenge was organized by MaRS Discovery District and funded by the Ontario Ministry of Energy, and encourages developers to help Ontarians unlock the potential of Green Button-enabled electricity data. Green Button is a standard which offers a secure way for consumers to view their smart meter’s electricity data.





The electricity monitoring cloud service provides home owners and building managers with real-time energy usage and costs via an Eyedro or BlueLine electricity monitor. With support for Ontario Green Button Connect My Data, will allow home owners to see what all the hype is about… at no cost. It only takes a few minutes to setup, and you’ll immediately begin understanding the mystery behind your electricity bill. Most users find their first energy and cost savings within days. Watch for the completion of the challenge when we’ll be permitted to release green button support to

High resolution video at High Resolution Video – myFreeMonitor at Energy Apps for Ontario