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Eyedro Business Wireless 1-Sensor Expansion

Electricity monitoring for business applications

The EBWXS1 wireless mesh expansion module adds one (1) additional sensor to an existing Eyedro business wireless electricity monitor (EBWEM1-LV). Simply connect expansion module and it will automatically join the mesh network .

  • See your electricity usage in real-time
  • Easy and non-invasive installation
  • Free monitoring via
  • Adds one(1) additional 200A¹ sensor
  • WIRELESS between modules
  • Requires an existing EBWEM1-LV
¹Higher current sensors available with EBWXS1-SUB-LV model

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The Eyedro business wireless 1-sensor expansion module, model EBWXS1, adds an additional one (1) sensor to an existing EBWEM1-LV wireless network. Adding the ability to monitor electricity usage of additional circuits and/or equipment. The expansion module and sensor install at the electrical panel (up to 200A¹/600V) and connect to a preexisting Eyedro business wireless network.

¹Higher current sensors (400A - 5000A) available with EBWXS1-SUB-LV model

Real-Time Business Electricity Monitoring

Energy costs are traditionally one of the biggest operational costs in any organization, yet many businesses lack the tools to manage their energy efficiently. Eyedro business electricity monitors provide an easy and affordable way to monitor and track electricity use at work – empowering businesses to take control of their energy use and costs. Eyedro provides timely and actionable insights, allowing business owners and energy managers to monitor and track electricity across a range of applications.

Use Eyedro to:

  • Discover peak power consumption and demand
  • Identify waste and  potential savings
  • Measure results of improvements (e.g. retrofit projects)
  • Monitor electricity consumption during operating and non-operating hours
  • Monitor electricity consumption at the building, department or equipment level

MyEyedro Cloud Service

Eyedro and MyEyedro are always working together to measure, analyze and store electricity usage and cost information. With MyEyedro, electricity data is automatically and securely stored in the cloud, so it’s ready when and where you need it most. MyEyedro presents electricity data in ways that are engaging, informative and easy to understand; allowing you to see real-time electricity usage and gain access to many helpful features, including:

  • Responsive real-time graphs
  • Hourly/Daily/Weekly/Monthly consumption and cost estimates
  • High-resolution historical data
  • Downloadable data for further analysis

MyEyedro is easy to use and accessible from a standard web browser.

Additional information

Weight.504 kg
Dimensions25 × 20 × 8 cm


Connectivity Type

Wireless Mesh (2.405 to 2.480 GHz), connects to internet with Eyedro gateway module