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$349.00 USD

Eyedro Business WiFi and Ethernet Electricity Monitor for 3-Phase


This model has been replaced by the equivalent model E5B-EW-E3.

Business/Industrial energy meters for 3 phase – grid power and solar

This easy-to-install, real-time business electricity monitor will make your electricity usage easy to understand. Join thousands of customers already using Eyedro to keep an eye on their electricity use.

New! You now have the choice of connecting by either Ethernet or WiFi, which gives you ultimate flexibility for all types of installation scenarios.

Combined with the MyEyedro cloud service, Eyedro electricity monitors provide timely and actionable information that will help you monitor usage, identify problems, reduce waste and ultimately spend less on electricity while working towards your company’s social responsibility targets.


  • See your electricity usage in real-time
  • Easy and non-invasive installation with split-core current sensors 
  • Directly monitors: V, A, Power Factor, W (true power)
  • Free monitoring via
  • Compatible with Eyedro 5A – 3000A current sensors
  • For 3-phase applications only
  • Directional Sensing
  • Connects via WiFi or Ethernet
  • Includes:
      • Three (3) 200A current sensors
      • One (1) 3m (10ft) Ethernet cable
      • One (1) 6V AC type A North American power adapter (or 220 – 240V, 50 Hz, Type C European style power adapter – please indicate requirement in order notes)
      • One (1) combination sensor/gateway module
      • One (1) Quick Start guide

Alternate current sensors are available with model EYEDRO5-BEW-SUB


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EYEDRO5-BEW is Eyedro’s energy monitoring system for 3 phase applications with both WiFi and Ethernet connectivity

DISCOVER HOW MUCH MONEY YOUR ELECTRICITY IS COSTING YOU IN REAL-TIME:  see your usage change as you turn your devices on and off.

  • DIRECTIONAL SENSING, SOLAR READY: Can identify power consumed vs. power generated.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE RATE SETTINGS:  input your electricity rates to match your utility, match your bills to your MyEyedro report.
  • VIEW YOUR USAGE DATA IN Wh, $, A, V, PF, W (TRUE POWER):  MyEyedro is powerful cloud-based software that is included with your Eyedro hardware with no subscription fee.
  • ARE YOU A LANDLORD OR OWN A RENTAL UNIT?  You can track your tenants’ electricity usage, create custom reports and even share real-time usage information with your tenants

The Eyedro WiFi/Ethernet electricity monitor, model EYEDRO5-BEW, is perfect for monitoring electricity consumption or generation in any business (up to 3000A/600V).

Alternate current sensors are available with model EYEDRO5-BEW-SUB

Real-Time Electricity Monitoring for Business

Why wait for your utility bill to arrive to find out how much you’ve consumed – with Eyedro’s electricity monitors you can see, in real-time, your electricity usage. Eyedro provides timely and actionable insights that allow you to stay on top of your electricity spend, making your electricity usage easy to understand. Eyedro business electricity monitors provide an easy and affordable way for business owners to monitor and track energy usage in real-time, taking the surprise out of your utility bill.

Use Eyedro to:

  • Monitor your electricity consumption and stay on budget
  • Understand utility bills and measure improvements
  • Discover phantom power drains or peak power demand
  • Uncover your energy habits
  • LANDLORDS: monitor your tenants’ electricity usage, create custom reports and share real-time data with your tenants!

MyEyedro Cloud Service

Eyedro and MyEyedro are always working together to measure, analyze and store your electricity usage and cost information. With MyEyedro, your electricity data is automatically and securely stored in the cloud, so it’s ready when and where you need it most. MyEyedro presents your electricity data in ways that are engaging, informative and easy to understand. See real-time electricity usage and gain access to many helpful features, including:

  • Responsive real-time graphs
  • Hourly/Daily/Weekly/Monthly cost estimates
  • Bill comparisons and estimates


Getting Started 1 – Connect Your Eyedro to Your WiFi Network (skip if connecting by Ethernet)

Connecting with a mobile device

Connecting with a desktop computer

Getting Started 2 – Install Eyedro Hardware

Installing Eyedro Current Sensors

Installing Eyedro Modules 

Eyedro Product Guide

Getting Started 3 – MyEyedro Cloud Software

MyEyedro Cloud Overview Video Tutorial

MyEyedro User Guide

Additional information

Weight1.0 kg
Dimensions26 × 20 × 10 cm


Connectivity Type

Wired Ethernet/WiFi (2.412 to 2.484 GHz)


For 3-phase power only


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