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Eyedro Now Works With Samsung SmartThings!

Samsung smart appliances already capture how much energy they use so you can track costs around the home, and they already easily integrate with the SmartThings mobile app. Eyedro allows you to measure how much energy the entire home is using, capturing other energy hogs like air conditioners, hot tubs, and pools.

The Eyedro energy monitor product installs at the electrical panel to capture electricity usage and costs in real-time, all of which is viewable in the MyEyedro dashboard. With the integration into SmartThings, that energy data can be brought into the same mobile app as the smart appliances. Setting up “If X Then Y” automations has never been easier.

Typical applications include monitoring energy usage and costs of:

  • Whole home
  • Solar panels
  • Pool pumps
  • Hot tubs
  • Air conditioners
  • Hot water tanks

The SmartThings automation enables various alerts to be configured. For example, a common automation is to trigger if your whole home energy costs suddenly jumps to $20/day (typically $5/day). Another example is if you’re used to seeing $5/day generated from your solar panels but it suddenly drops to below $1/day. With a few minutes of effort, these simple automations can be enabled. The scenarios are endless.

In cases where you want to specifically monitor your older “non-smart” appliances, simply install Eyedro sensors on the respective circuits. Thousands of customers in 150+ countries are doing just that.

Visit the Products and Solutions sections of our website to learn more about Eyedro energy monitors. For step by step details on how to add Eyedro to SmartThings, and configure automation, please visit the links below.

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