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Solar Energy Monitoring

Solar Energy Monitoring

Energy Monitoring Made Easy

Maximize Your Solar Investment

Solar Energy Monitoring ensures that you will get the greatest benefit from your solar investment.  An Eyedro Solar Energy Monitor allows you to measure your solar generation and grid consumption all from within Eyedro’s MyEyedro cloud interface.


Features of the Eyedro Solar Energy Monitor:

  • Responsive web-based interface
  • Instantaneous data plus historical data
  • Net Meter plugin provides a comprehensive view of your current and historical generation vs. consumption data
  • Bills data can be customized with common utility rates structures
  • Customizable with current sensor sizes from 5A to 200A suitable for most residential applications (larger current sensor sizes also available)
  • Manage multiple Eyedro devices from a single MyEyedro cloud account
  • Reports can be generated and sent to your email automatically
  • Alerts can be set to notify you by email in the event of internet or power outages
  • Export your raw data to Excel on demand
  • True power measurement with Eyedro EYEFI models – current, voltage, power factor
  • Quick, non-invasive installation
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Cloud-Based Intelligent Software & Reports

Eyedro Net Meter View V5
MyEyedro V5 Plugins

Need to monitor just your solar output or net metering at your main panel?  The 2 sensor Eyedro EYEFI-2 is perfect for either application.

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Need to monitor your solar output plus your grid consumption?  Have net metering as well?  The 4 sensor Eyedro EYEFI-4 is the model for you!

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