Manage Your Solar Energy With Eyedro’s Electricity Usage Monitor

Real-Time Data

Easy and Safe Installation

Actionable Insights

Determine Exactly How Much Energy Is Produced

Eyedro‘s home and business solutions are designed to help you better manage your solar panel installations and monitor how effective they are in powering your everyday life. Our electricity usage monitoring systems — Eyedro and MyEyedro — allow you as a business owner or homeowner to receive real-time state and information on your electricity consumption and how much is being produced by your solar panels. In order to better protect your finances, it’s critical for you to know how much solar energy you have to work with and how much you’re using each day; this ensures your installations are being used to the best of their ability.

Ensure Your Solar Energy Is Used Effectively

If your home or business’s electricity is supplemented by solar panel installations, how do you know if you’re using it effectively? Investing in solar energy is important to the environment and for your own footprint, and the MyEyedro cloud software can help you manage it like no other. By receiving and reading data on how much electricity is being used over a certain period of time, and throughout the entire building, it’s easier to reduce your usage. Eyedro Green Solutions, Inc. is all about helping you lower your electricity bill so you can spend it on other projects and ventures.

Protect Your Overall Energy Budget

Now is your chance to gain a better understanding of how your solar panel installations are helping your home or business run, and how you can adjust your finances. With the Eyedro electricity usage monitor, it’s possible to better analyze your electricity spending or usage habits and be more cognizant of money. Ultimately reducing your energy usage puts more money in your pocket at the end of every billing cycle, allowing you to take charge of your budget. Contact our team to learn more about how you can make better use of your solar energy and live more sustainably!

Manage Your Solar Energy With Eyedro & MyEyedro Today!

Eyedro Green Solutions, Inc. exists to provide business owners and managers with the necessary tools to take control of their finances and electricity products. Investing in our electricity usage monitoring systems allow you to better understand how much electricity is being used and how you can save money. Learn more about our Eyedro products and get in touch with us today!