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How to Get MyEyedro Help

Did you know that MyEyedro has an extensive User Guide to help you with any section of the platform? Whether you need cloud support for plugins, configuration, or tools, simply click on the ? icon at the top right of the page and you’ll be directed to the corresponding section in the MyEyedro User Guide. The MyEyedro User Guide provides step-by-step instructions and helpful tips to make your experience with MyEyedro easy and efficient. 

Help is just a click away!

The question mark icon on each page in the MyEyedro cloud platform that directs the user to the appropriate section in the MyEyedro manual.

Click on the ? symbol.

You have now been directed to the Highlights plugin information in the MyEyedro User Guide:

The MyEyedro User Guide section index.
The Highlights plugin information in the MyEyedro User Guide.

In addition to the direct cloud support links from your MyEyedro account to the MyEyedro user manual, there are also informative video tutorials, articles, and Eyedro FAQs.

Energy Monitoring Made Easy

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MyEyedro Support Videos

Eyedro User Manuals

For detailed Eyedro product specifications, installation, and MyEyedro cloud software information please refer to the following Eyedro manuals:

MyEyedro Cloud Software Manual

Eyedro Home Products Guide

Eyedro Business Products Guide

Eyedro Technical Support