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Super Eyedro Tips: WiFi Signal Strength

Super Eyedro Tips: WiFi Signal Strength

Signal Strength is Key

WiFi strength at panel

Energy Monitoring Made Easy

WiFi signal strength can be checked with any mobile device that is connected to your home or business WiFi network.  Simply take your phone, tablet or computer to the spot where your WiFi connected Eyedro module will be installed (beside your electrical panel), and check the strength of the signal.

Eyedro WiFi connected devices communicate over your router’s 2.4 GHz band.  Newer routers are often dual band (2.4G & 5G). Make sure that you select the correct network when testing signal strength and setting up your Eyedro.

Ensuring that you have full WiFi bars will help prevent connection drops and provide you with the best energy monitoring experience!

*Note: never install your wireless Eyedro module inside the metal panel as this will severely disrupt the signal from the device to your router.


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